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 Changzhou Jiusu Plastic Polymer Materials  Co., LTD.was originally engaged in early domestic R & D and production of color masterbatch company, which is the designated masterbatch supplier of Henan Suiping Huaqiang Plastic Co., Ltd., the nation’s largest color masterbatch consumed company. As the market development and the large investment in research, the company successfully developed polyethylene wax, plastic-compatible agents, flame-retardant materials and other modified materials, and the high concentrations, high demand masterbatch filler materials and a transparent filler material, which can help customers good cost savings.

  Changzhou Yong Cheng Color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. mainly have occupied the domestic market of the fillers; Changzhou Jiusu Plastic Polymer Materials Co., LTD. Mainly produce modified materials, polyethylene wax, filler-based production and operate the foreign trade for these materials. We have self-import and export rights, and certain overseas markets.



The company has good location and convenient transportation, located in Changzhou High-tech Zone, No. 189, Hanjiang West Road, ,adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway Xuejia Exit and Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway Changzhou Station, the company pursues the policy "establish the market with price, pursue the development with quality , hold the business with good faith ".

  Warmly welcome the domestic and foreign friends to visit the company!


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